What is e-Recording?

e-Recording is the process of submitting, receiving, and processing documents via the Internet, through a third-party vendor. Documents that have traditionally been delivered or mailed to the Clerk of the Circuit Court and County Comptroller by runner, express mail, or courier services can now be processed with e-Recording, simplifying and accelerating all aspects of the recording process. The most commonly e-Recorded documents are Deeds, Mortgages, Assignment of Mortgages, and Satisfaction of Mortgages.

With e-Recording, the submitter scans the document and uses a vendor application to upload the document and associated data. No special equipment is required, just a computer with high speed internet access and a scanner. Original documents never leave the submitter’s possession since they are scanned for submission. 

E-Recording documents can be tracked through the entire process. Documents are recorded the same day, if submitted during regular business hours. Once the document is accepted, you can immediately retrieve an image that includes the recorder’s stamp.

How do I get started e-Recording?

If you are a recording customer, and would like to begin sending your documents to the Recorder's office electronically, select a vendor from the e-Recording Vendors and Consultants list to review, research, and determine your personal and professional needs.

Please note that the Clerk of the Circuit Court and County Comptroller / Sarasota County Recorder's Office is precluded from recommending vendors.

e-Recording Providers

The following providers have indicated their willingness to work with organizations that wish to submit documents to Sarasota County for e-Recording. The Sarasota County Clerk and Comptroller's office has not discussed pricing for services with any of these firms. Appearing on the list in no way implies any specific endorsement or recommendation by the Sarasota County Clerk and Comptroller's office.

How does my company register as an e-Recording Vendor?

If you are an e-Recording vendor and would like to begin e-Recording with Sarasota County, please contact the Recorder’s Office at (941) 861-7400 for assistance.

e-Recording Vendors and Consultants

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